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Machining custom keycaps & providing bespoke refinishing services.

About Asero Foundry

Custom machining and Refinishing

Asero Foundry is a U.S. based metal manufacturing company that specializes in metal mechanical keycaps, keyboards using exotic and rare metals. In addition, we offer custom cerakote refinishing services for your keyboards, allowing for limitless customization options.

Why Us ?

Unique Offerings

We provide fulfillment for metal projects in the mechanical keyboard hobby, offering unique finishes, metals, and designs to make each project unique.

U.S. Based

Our manufacturing is done by a machinist in the U.S., in Tennessee to be exact!

Efficient Turn Around

We pride ourselves in our 2-3 month turn around times, making us a reliable source for your custom machining.

custom cerakoting services

Custom refinishing of keyboards and other PC peripherals

Want your keyboard to express your style? With our custom cerakoting services, you can select your colors and numbr of pieces to be finished and ship them to the shop to be refinished.


Fill out the order form with specific color choices and number of pieces to be finished. Print out BOTH the receipt and the return label to put in the shipping box with the pieces to be finished.


Once shipping is purchased, send the box to the refinishing shop. The shop receives the pieces and refinishes them. Finally, the shop uses the return label to send the finished board back to you to enjoy.

Exotic Metals
Unique Metals

Exotic Metals

We offer unique metals and finishes for metal projects in the mechanical keyboard hobby. Using these never before seen in the industry metals, we can craft something completely custom.


The latest Collab

We work with others vendors and designers. We’re happy to discuss collaboration opportunities. 

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