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custom cerakoting services

Custom refinishing of keyboards and other PC peripherals

Want your keyboard to express your style? With our custom cerakoting services, you can select your colors and numbr of pieces to be finished and ship them to the shop to be refinished.


Fill out the order form with specific color choices and number of pieces to be finished. Be sure to print out the receipt to put in the shipping box with the pieces to be finished.


Once shipping is purchased, send the box to the refinishing shop. The shop receives the pieces and refinishes them. Finally, the shop uses the return label to send the finished board back to you to enjoy.

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1. Print out Order form and pack it along with your board.

Note: just have the pieces you wish to coat, no electronics or extra parts. Just the aluminum/brass you intend to get coated.

2. Ship out the pieces with the provided shipping label.

3. Once board arrives, it will be queued up to being completed. Estimate is usually 3-4 weeks depending on workload. Closer to the holidays this may increase.

4. Once board is completed, a return label will be created, and you will be notified via email that project is completed.

You can definitely pick any color, as long it is part of the H-series, as those are what are best for metals. If we do not have the color in stock, it may be a few more days for us to order everything.

Yes, we offer engravings as an optional addon. They can either be engraved, then coated over, laser engraved white or black, or infilled (will depend on design).

Normally 3-4 weeks if we have the color in stock, times may change around the holidays.


Please fill out our contact form here and we will get back to you ASAP on your order.

Color list can be found here.

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